Cable and Lock

Cable and Combination


At last, the simple solution to securing your surfing equipment. This basic kit has all you need to lock up your surf or stand up paddle board. Just slip the jaw into the fin track, wind the cable around the board, through the roof rack or boat rail, set the combination and you’re done!

Need to protect just a single board?

For a single board all you need is the basic DocksLocks kit. It’s designed to lock up any type of surfboard or stand up paddle board.

Basic locking system comprises:

Complete Kit
  • Jaw – A unique crocodile lock which slips into your fin box and neatly grips your board tight without damage. You don’t even need to remove the fin.
  • Cleat – Only required if your board has no leash plug and a fixed fin.
  • Cable and Combination Lock - 10ft stainless steel coated cable with combi lock you can reset.

All packed in a stylish mesh bag.

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Need to protect multiple boards?

DocksLocks is a versatile system designed for you to add on and lock up multiple boards of different types as required. For two or more boards you’ll need the basic DocksLocks kit, plus accessories:

  • 1 extra Jaw per additional board, £19.99
  • 1 extra Cleat for any boards with no leash plug, £4.95

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